Thursday, May 31, 2012

Permaculture Ideas: Boulder Garden Sanctuary Retreat - A Re-Greening of the Desert

Permaculture Ideas: Boulder Garden Sanctuary Retreat - A Re-Greening of the Desert: "Witness the product of the hard work and vision of one man "Garth" to re-green the desert using permaculture methods. His success can be used as an example of how nature can give back by simply taking a little time to put in place a method that will sustain on its own in time...
Location: Yucca Valley, California"

'via Blog this' - Quit Smoking Hypnosis

One thing's for sure... in Landers, Yucca Valley... Joshua Tree and 29 Palms... we have lots of Smokers!  Seems like most of our military (USMC and Navy) friends like to pass the time (and spend their money) smoking cigarettes... plenty of other folk too!

I've never actually met a smoker who DIDN'T want to stop smoking...

Most smokers want to stop
have tried to stop...

but the nicotine addiction, daily routine and random triggers are hard to give up!  Cigarettes seem to calm people down, but at the end of the day... They've tried patches, pills, gum, going cold turkey... 

Some people quit... 
MOST Can't on their Own!

Are you Ready2Stop Smoking???  

I have been a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist for over 12 years in Southern California, and when I work with clients in person I always insist they use hypnosis MP3 downloads or recordings to reenforce the work we do in the office or group seminars.  The truth is, you don't need to visit a hypnotist in person to stop smoking.

Self Hypnosis is a natural and easy way to achieve the goals you have for yourself including stop smoking while keeping extra weight off or attaining the natural, healthy body you want for yourself.

I am affiliated with and gladly give my professional endorsement of the products found through and  I do receive commissions from the sale of products on those sites (not trying to hide that), because they stand by their Satisfaction Guarantee and help you get the results you want to achieve!

I know that Hypnosis will work when you're "Ready," but the question is...

Are You Ready2Stop Smoking???

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